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Welcome to the homepage of Foltmester Kreatív Hobbi!

Come with us to the beautious cavalcade of colours and patterns! Browse at will amongst patterned and one-coloured cotton goods, bag parts, blocks, paints, beads, threads! Our webshop is the oasis mainly for patchworkers, but any dexterous-handed person can find what they seek. Besides patcwork we have wide selection of creative hobby and embroidery basic materials too. When a patchworker buys material for their work, they see not only the pattern, colour, and quality of it, but see the hidden values too, and the plaec of it in a bigger work. They feel the beaming beauty from the material, and the joy they will feel while sewing. They feel the sparkling, the uplifting moments of creation. And when they finish, they feel the satisfied pride: IT WAS ME WHO SEWED THIS! With our beautiful selection let us be the part of your creative work, and share your joy with us via our forum!

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There are always products amongst our always widening product selection that are cheaper by using our webshop. We guarantee our prices by electronic purchase, and you get the same quality as if you come to our store.

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You can buy stuff from us via internet too. We have a widening selection of products, and we hope you can find here what you need. If you do not, you can contact us and get personal help from our experts.

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Totágas creative hobby

If you have any questions, call us on +36-82/444-552 phone number, or write a mail and we will answer!

Online customer service

If you need any help, or have any note or question, write to us, and we will answer as soon as we can. You must fill out all the following data.

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The project materialized by the assistance of the European Union and the Hungarian State.