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Data protection

The operator of www.foltmester.hu inform you this way about personal data handling, the organizational and technical measures about protecting your personal data; and our visitor’s rights.

  • The operator of data is www.foltmester.hu ( based in 7400 Kaposvár, fő utca 7. )
  • The data handling serves the contact between the users using the webpage’s services and the data handler. The data also can be used for surveys. The www.foltmester.hu keeps all the data private, they use it only for upgarding their services, selling advertisement areas, and creating own statistics. Anything that reaches public will be in a way that it is impossible to identify unique users.
  • The user’s private data can be accessed by the data handler’s co-workers. The data handler does not give away any private data to a third party beyond the mentioned. This is not apply to occurent obligatory data transmission specified in law. These can happen only in extraordanary cases. The data handler analyses before every data transfer whether it is right by law to transfer the data because of the demand.
  • Users can choose to give their data in point No. 2. By this the user voluntarily accepts the data handling. The users can ask information about their data’s handling. By demand the data handler gives information about the affected person’s data handled by them, the data handling’s intention, legal basis, duration, the data processer’s name, address and activity related to data handling, and who and for what purpose got those data. The information can be asked on the data handler’s address or on mestercenter@invitel.hu e-mail address. On these addresses the users can ask to correct or delete their private data. By misusing the webpage’s services or by user demand we delete their data. The deletion will happen within 24 working hours after, starting the day after the demand.
  • Any user who feels that the owner of www.foltmester.hu broke their right for defendinf their provate data can go to civil court or can ask for the help of the ombudsman of data protection. This is written in the act of 1992. LXIII. We adopted our data protection policy from the acts 1992. LXIII. and 1998. VI.
  • By using the internet there are some dangers to private sphere. We remind you that everything you write on our site is private data fromwhat anyone can conclude to your private data like ethnic group, political view. Those data would be accessable to everybody. We advise to use PET (Privacy enhancing technologies) technology to defend your private data. You can find information about this technology on numerous websites.
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Online customer service

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