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Legal disclaimer

General knowledge.

You declared that you accept the legal disclaimer and purchasing conditions.

If you do not accept our conditions, please do not open our webpages.

It is advised to save the legal disclaimer and the other documents connected to the purchasing.

Every data, information, design found on www.foltmester.hu are under legal protection. Using these elements without the permisson of the legal owner can end in legal actions because of breaking copyright laws. We pay much attention to have the correct features, data, prices of the products of the Foltmester Webshop, but we do not take responsibility for them. If, anyhow, an incorrect price or data occurs in our webshop, we are not obligated to ship the product for the incorrect price but we offer to ship it for the correct price, or the procurer can cancel their purchase.

We try everything to fulfill the order in time, but we do not take neither financial, nor moral, nor any responsibility for occurent delay or shipping failure.

The operator of the portal keeps all the laws and regulations about data protection during the usage of the site

Relating acts: the Ektv; the 1992. LXIII. act about private data protection and publicity of data of general interest; the 1998. VI. act about protection of individuals’ private data during automatic data-processing; the 2001 XL. act about newscast; and the 1997. CLV. act about consumer protection.

The operator of the portal claim the right to change the conent of the page without warning, including the priecs and other charges.

Any damage taken because of handing password to someone else, used by unauthorized person the owner of the password is responsible.

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If you have any questions, call us on +36-82/444-552 phone number, or write a mail and we will answer!

Online customer service

If you need any help, or have any note or question, write to us, and we will answer as soon as we can. You must fill out all the following data.

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