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About us

The Tótágas Creative Hobby and Patchworker Shop was our dream from long agol. Our company, the Mester Center 2000 Ltd. opened the shop in Kaposvár in 2002. We started as small, but we augmented it with lots of ideas, enthusiasm, care, and of course lots of products. / As this is a family enterprise, the augmentation is touchable at home too, our children’s number reached five. / Our co-workers number increased too, to our big pleasure, with people who are keen and nice, and are patchworkers themselves. You can meet them on our forums.

When we encountered the fact, that we were sought from other counties too because of our dry goods, we thought it was time to move, so we created our FOLTMESTER webshop. We mainly offer our patchwork products on line, but you can find a wide selection of hobby products too in our shop. We wish you searche, browse, shop in our webshop as happily as happy we are to be here to offer you these beautiful products.

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Totágas creative hobby

If you have any questions, call us on +36-82/444-552 phone number, or write a mail and we will answer!

Online customer service

If you need any help, or have any note or question, write to us, and we will answer as soon as we can. You must fill out all the following data.

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The project materialized by the assistance of the European Union and the Hungarian State.