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Shopping Guidance
  1. Choose the product you want to buy ont he website, from the appropriate menu, and click on „Add to cart” button. Then the product gets into your cart. By default 1 piece of product gets into the cart, if you want to buy more, write the number into the quantity field at the bottom of the page.

    You can always see the contents of the cart of the right side of the webpage.

    By clicking on the cart icon you can check the data of the products in the cart, and you can change the quantity of any product. If you change the quantity, you have to click on refrsh for the program to recalculate the price.

    If you changed your mind or put a product into your cart by accident, you can delete it by clicking on the „delete” button.

    If you want to purchase, you can go to the next step by clicking on „to the cash-desk” button.

  2. To order a product, you have to log int o the system as a user. For this you have to register for the first time, after that you can log in when you want, with your username and password. We use your private data only to copmlete your order.

  3. On the cash-desk page you have to write your private data required for your order. You must fill in all the fields signed with *, these are the minimum requirements to log int o the webshop and be able to purchase the product you chose. Please re-check your name and address to reduce the chance of discomfort of misaddressing.

    On the cash-desk page you can ask an offer for shipping, as by default you can receive the products at the shop.

    You have to choose which way to pay, between bank transfer to paying by credit card.

    If you finished with these, click on „Forward to ordering” button.

  4. Now you can re-check the product you want to order and your data you wrote. If everything is ok, click on „Order” button to place the order

  5. The purchasing procedure is over, thank you for your purchase, we look forward to see you agai non our site.

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If you have any questions, call us on +36-82/444-552 phone number, or write a mail and we will answer!

Online customer service

If you need any help, or have any note or question, write to us, and we will answer as soon as we can. You must fill out all the following data.

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